The Usumacinta is frequently known as the only living river in Mexico as it does not bear any industrial discharges or dams along its course. The entire river basin is considered to be a living system of exchanges and movements
This video shows the recordings of a snake-looking artifact submerged with five gopros into the Usumacinta for the current to take them. This work is screened as a synchronized multi-channel installation with immersive sound (8 speakers).

The film presents an intimate entanglement amongst the clouds, the telescope, the camera and the artist, as they are revealed and obscured in relation with each other in space and time. The artist stands in front of the camera unaware of what happens behind him and unable to control the surroundings, which underscores the elusiveness of refractions and diffractions as they emerge from specific entities and forces that affect, move and change in various directions.

Students at Escuela Modelo. Mineral de Pozos.

The Space Around. Bell Laboratories. Holmdel 


First Telephone call across the world. Bell Laboratories

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