Es una catástrofe no encontrar terreno en común. 2018. Ongoing walk practice

As part of an ongoing project on sharing terrain and recognizing common ground, I walked with a group of people from Museo Carrillo Gil to the top of the Xochitepec mountain on the outskirts of Mexico City. In a similar exercise, we walked from the Artium Museum in Vitoria-Gasteiz to the top of Ularizu mountain. A third walk was performed in Berlin from Uferstudios to Teufelsberg, but the destination was never reached due to exhaustion, after six hours walking, the group decided instead to end at the Biergarten inside a retirement house in Grunewald. (The Berlin video is not online yet)
This action, which I plan to perform in various places, is an invitation to recognize the difficulty to separate the urban from the rural; the secular from the religious; natural from cultural; central from peripheral, individual from the collective, private from public, etc. It presents an opportunity to re-discover space and time from a shared geography.
Walking is perhaps, an exercise that resists predetermination and that of its boundaries. It is a defining act of spacetime entanglements.

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